• Amsterdam Data Science "Meet our top data scientists Link with our world-class research, education and valorisation talent."
  • Cisco Data Virtualization "Access, integrate, and deliver up-to-the minute data with Cisco Data Virtualization. Query data across the network as if it were in a single place. Fulfill business demand for an integrated enterprise, cloud, and big data far faster than extract, transform, load (ETL) warehousing, at a much lower cost."
  • Data analyse (Wikipedia) "Analysis of data is a process of inspecting, cleaning, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision-making"
  • Data in MammaDataModule (red): ten behoeve van kwaliteitsverbetering in de mammascreening in Nederland.
  • TCIA Collections "The image data in The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA) is organized into purpose-built collections of subjects. The subjects typically have a cancer type and/or anatomical site (lung, brain, etc.) in common. Each link in the table below contains information concerning the scientific value of a collection, information about how to obtain any supporting non-image data which may be available, and links to view or download the imaging data. To support reproducibility in scientific research, TCIA supports Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) which allow users to share subsets of TCIA data referenced in a research manuscript. You can subscribe to our social media feeds to be notified of new collections and changes to existing collections. If you have comments or suggestions you would like to share, add it to our idea informer page!"